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ID#: 9099381 Fabricants: TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Maquette: ALPHA 303I Catégorie: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Détails de l'équipement: Vertical diffusion furnace, 12"
Process: TEOS
(1) Heater element Model: Mid-Temp VMM-56-002 5zone/500-1000
Process Condition: LP
Maximum Operating Temperature: 1000°C
N2 Load Lock: Yes
Wafer Type: 300 SEMI STD-Notch
Qty. of Production Wafers: 117 slots Ladder
Boat Operation: (2) Boat Type / (2) Boat Operation
Software Version: 2.06

(1) Loading Area Light: White (LED)
Force Air Cooling system: None
Side Maintenance: None
(1) O2 Density control: NGK SH-304 STANDARD
(1) N2 Boat shower wafer cooling: installed
(1) Furnace Temperature Controller: M560A

Wafer/Carrier Handling:
Carrier Type: FOUP (25) slots (STD)
Carrier Stage Capacity: 16
(1) WTU Type: 1+4 Edge Grip
WTU alignment: None
WTU Teaching method: None

Gas Distribution:
IGS Maker / Type: AREA
IGS MFC Maker / Type: AREA (Gas Panel)
IGS Press Transducer Maker / Type: NAGANO

Vacuum Gage - 2 torr: None
(1) Vacuum Gage - 10 torr: MYKROLIS CMLH-31-150S06
Vacuum Gage - 100 torr- None
(2) Vacuum Gage - 1000 torr: MYKROLIS CMLH-11-150S06
(1) Main Valve: MKS-99C1274

(1) Pump Maker/Model: EDWARDS IH-1800
Low vacuum valve: None
(1) Trap: Disk Trap
(1) Vacuum Pressure Controller: N2-ballast

(2) Process Tube (LP): Outer: ID448xH1360, Inner: Straight H1340
(2) Outer/Inner Tube Material (LP): Quartz
Inner Tube Type (AP): None
(1) Inner T/C: Outer Tube interior wall type
(2) Boat Material/Type: Quartz 117 slots Ladder (8mm pitch)
(1) Boat Rotation: installed
(1) Pedestal Materiel/Type: Quartz Sand blast OD300 H350 1fins
(1) Auto Shutter: installed

Power Distribution:
Voltage, 3 Phase: 208VAC
Voltage, Single Phase: 120VAC
Frequency: 60Hz

User Interface:
(2) Operation Panel: Front/rear Gas Box and Operation Panel Installed
(2) Indicator Type: Superset
Operation software type: Linux

(4) Gas Leak Detector Material/Type: Riken TEOS/CLF3
Dry pumps: not included.
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