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ID#: 144024 Fabricants: TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Maquette: ALPHA 8SE Catégorie: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Détails de l'équipement: TiN Furnace, 8" System configuration: (Qty.)System Hand LL System Paint Color White Furnace Front Surface Finish Painted Process Pressure 500 mTorr Process Temperature ( C ) 800C FTP Heater Installed Rapid Cooling Unit Installed Heater Type FTP VOS-40-017 (RT)-1000C N2 Purge System Installed 02 Densimeter Model NGK SH-302 SMIF Not Installed SMIF POD (maker/model) N/A SMIF OEM Probe (maker/model) N/A AGV Compatibility Not Installed Process Gasses Process Gas 1 Pure N2 Process Gas 2 NH3 Process Gas 3 H2 Process Gas 4 ClF3 Process Gas 5 TiCl4 Gas Distribution System Basic Style Integrated Gas System Rail Type (Fujikin) Tubing Material Stainless Steel Tubing Finish Electro-polish Manual Valve FUJIKIN Air-Operated Valve FUJIKIN Filter Millipore Regulator Veriflo MFC STEC SEC-7350 (Analog) Press. Transducer Veriflo Press. Transducer Display Reference Compound External Torch Unit N/A Baking System - Burn Out Unit Not Installed Vaporizer N/A Liquid Source Auto-Refill N/A Auto-Refill Provided By N/A Auto-Refill Tubing Interconnect By N/A Auto-Refill Power Provided By N/A Gas System Schem. Dwg/Parts List 2109-323548-13 Panel Heater for Furnace Opening N/A Vacuum System: Vacuum Pressure Controller CKD-VEC Trap Not Installed Pump-FNC Vac Tubing Provided By Customer Manifold Heater Not Installed Water/Cassette Handling Wafer Type 200mm SEMI STD - Notched Wafer Notch/Flat Aligner Installed Cassette Type Cassette-Number of Wafers 25 Cassette Storage Qty. 21 Monitor Cassette Operation Cassette In-Out Sequence Transfer-stage Protrusion Sensor Installed Fork Type/Material 1+4 For-Wafer Presence Sensor Installed Fork-Wafer Position Sensor or Guide Not Installed Fork-Variable Pitch Installed Boat/Pedestal Boat Rotation Installed Cap Heater Installed System Controls System Controller WAVES Remote MMI and Gas Flowchart Not Installed Signal Tower/Colors Red/Yellow/Green Signal Tower Location(s)) FNC Front General Pressure Display Units PSI Cabinet Exhaust Display Units Pa Temperature Control Furnace Temperature Controller M-560A Gas Leak Detection Gas Detection Provided By TEL Gas Detection System Maker Riken Gas 1 Detected/Point H2 U/Box Gas 2 Detected/Point NH3 U/Box Gas 3 Detected/Point ClF3 U/Box Customer I/F Ctrl. Handshakes Other Options and Specials Not Installed Bar Code Reader (maker/model Not Installed Other Options and Specials Bar Code Reader (maker/model Not Installed Chemical Pre-filter Not Installed Rapid Ionizer (maker/model) Not Installed Equipment Layout & Facilities Furnace Exhaust Connection Point Top Connection Cooling Water Connection Point Bottom Connection Incoming Gas Connection Point Top Connection Gas Unit Exh. Connection Point Top Connection Facility Elect. - Equip. Per Input Voltage 3phase 480V Voltage1phase 120V Ctrl Pwr UPS make/model No UPS UPS Input Voltage/Output Voltage N/A Step Down Transformer (Outside) 480V In 100V/200V Out 2003 vintage.
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