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ID#: 9014197 Fabricants: TEL / TOKYO ELECTRON Maquette: TELINDY B Catégorie: DIFFUSION FURNACES & ACCESSORIES Wafer Size: 12" Détails de l'équipement: Vertical diffusion furnaces, 12"

Base unit for DCS HTO process
Cabinets / units / controllers included
Furnace cabinet (including ultra-clean air flow system)
Scavenger and water cooling unit
Power supply unit (U/P box)
(Includes control unit, transformers, SCR, and breaker unit)
Main controller (WAVES)
Temperature controller

FOUP and wafer handling automation included
FOUP load port
FOUP transfer
18 FOUP stocker
FIMS port
KHI wafer load automation
Variable pitch change mechanism (w/5 fork)
Auto tube shutter
Boat elevator w/ boat rotation mechanism
Mid temp heater: VMM-56-002 1 Included
Includes outer/inner T/C

Integrated gas system for DCS HTO 1 Included
N2O gas stick 1 stick Included
DSC gas stick 1 stick Included
Purge N2
Vacuum vent
Exhaust vent
Piping tape heater
PAC (Pre Activation Chamber)

Vacuum foreline configurations
Stainless steel manifold
80A foreline piping
Foreline heater
APC main valve
Vacuum gauge & pressure switch

US safety (S2-0302, S8-0999)
Quartzware set for DCS HTO 1 Included
(Including x2 of 75 slots Ladder Boat)

System options:
N2 Load lock option 1 Included
- O2 analyzer - NGK SH-302
- O2 consumption rate controller
Dual boat operation 1 Included
N2 boat cooling shower 1 Included
Fixture for start up and maintenance 1 Included
Final valve unit 1 Included
NH3 coating capability                           
Hi-temp capacity (<850°C)                         

2007 vintage.
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