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ID: 293652689
2D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system, parts machine Missing parts: Odyssey board Robot assy Stage ball screw Pre-aligner Camera Turret CCD PC Power supply.
RUDOLPH / AUGUST NSX 105 is a mask and wafer inspection equipment designed to ensure the highest level of quality in the production of photomasks and wafers. AUGUST NSX-105 incorporates a high-resolution digital scanner and advanced software algorithms to accurately detect and detect any physical anomalies on the substrate, such as particles, pitting, topography, or stress fields. The system uses a combination of flat-field and curved-field illumination, along with deep optical interferometry, to identify subtle features that may cause problems later in the process. It is capable of identifying particles as small as 2 microns in size, and utilizes advanced software algorithms to analyze the images for defects. The unit can detect particles, scratches, pinholes, crystal defects, pitting, and macro-irregularities on the substrate. It also is capable of measuring the thickness of the substrate and accurately detecting the optical properties of the material, recognizing subtle differences in its composition. RUDOLPH NSX 105 also comes with a wide array of additional features, such as a multi-sensor architecture, advanced defect recognition algorithms, automatic self-monitoring and calibration, and the ability to produce 3D images of wafers. In addition, the machine is highly customizable, with users able to adjust scanning parameters to best fit their application and needs. AUGUST NSX 105 is an extremely powerful mask and wafer inspection tool, designed to provide reliable quality assurance for photomasks and wafers. Its advanced features, combined with its high resolution and precision, allow for extremely accurate and reliable defect detection, allowing for the highest possible yields from the production process.