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ID: 293606712
Stepper Resolution: 0.7 NA: 0.3 Exposure wave length: i-Line Reduction: 1/2.5 Expose field: 44 x 44.
NIKON NSR 4425i is a state-of-the-art wafer stepper used in semiconductor fabrication. It is uniquely equipped with large optics and a large cold field-emission gun (FEG) electron source, enabling the processing of large substrates. The optical equipment of NIKON NSR-4425I is comprised of a high-quality objective lens, an illuminator, and a beam-splitting system which split the beam into two distinct optical paths. The objective lens allows for a high-resolution scan within the substrate, while the illuminator produces a uniformed beam intensity across the substrate. The beam-split unit divides the beam into two optical paths, allowing for the imaging of two different locations of a substrate simultaneously. This allows for increased throughput and better uniformity of the substrate during manufacturing. The FEG electron source in NSR 4425 I offers higher-energy electrons than conventional field emission sources, enabling it to process substrates faster and with greater accuracy.Additionally, the FEG source provides reduced noise levels and a shorter electron pulse width - together these allow for improved imaging performance on the wafer stepper. NSR-4425I is equipped with a comprehensive control machine which provides both remote and local operation and management of the machine. It supports a range of shape layouts, including polygonal, line and curve, as well as several pattern shift and overlay control operations. Additionally, the user can select process speeds up to 20 times greater than systems using other electron sources. In summary, NIKON NSR 4425 I is an advanced wafer stepper designed for the most demanding semiconductor fabrication processes. It combines a high-resolution optical tool with increased electron power and a comprehensive control asset, providing faster throughput and better results in substrate processing.